OK Festival Report!3 OK festival must go on

So, OK festival is still going on! Under the host of Graphic Design Festival Breda, OK Festival and its contributors magazines are now in Breda, Netherlands (click here). It has started on 8th of May and will continue till 30th May 2010. Those who missed OK festival, run now.

at Electron
Belcrumweg 19, Breda
Open Tuesday - Sunday
13:00 - 17:00 and also on Monday 24 May

OK Festival Report!2- MMS: featured in Slanted

As mentioned in previous post, MMS: did a talk at OK Festival.

Slanted, one of the most visited weblog in German speaking area, has featured us in their website! (you can see it from here)

Unfortunately we cannot read German thus do not know what the article says. However it is an honour to be featured alongside other amazing talkers in such a cool weblog.

OK Festival Report! (Long one becasue there's a lot to say)

Sorry for not updating promptly, but Monday Morning Says: had a very very good time at OK Festival in Arhnem, Netherlands!

Arhnem had been sunny through out the festival weekend which made the happy event even jollier. The Festival tickets were sold out and the venue was filled with interesting and enthusiastic people with the passion for magazines. As you
may know from their website, there were numbers of great independent magazines taking part in it. Both showcases and a shop had an incredible variety of magazines which made magazine enthusiasts crazy.

There were a very good line-up for the talk throughout the festival which varied from case-study of the existing magazines to the prospect of the future of magazines, as well as exciting debates.
However, due to the volcano eruption happened that week, some magazine makers could not make their ways to Arhnem, which was sad as I'm sure
their talks would've been good.

BUT instead, we, Monday Morning Says: who fortunately made it to Arhnem (we happened to travel from France by a train) were offered to take up one of the talk! Woo!
It was such a pleasure and an honour to take part in the festival in such way, though I could not stop feeling nervous (I have been writing as 'we' but the three out of four members were in South Korea at the time).

However, thanks to the enormous kind supports the OK festival people had offered us, Monday Morning Says: managed to stand in front of the roomful of the audiences.
The audiences were very nice and responded
warmly to my last minute clumsy talk.

The whole festival had such an at-home, friendly atmosphere and it was so fun being there, talking to other people.

Joe Plommer, a photographer whose a friend of Monday Morning Says: had accompanied to the festival and took a lot of nice pictures.
They are now being edited carefully by the photographer so wait and see...

OK festival too has got a lovely
photo gallery from the event- please take a look!

Can't thank enough the people who we've met at the event- I am so coward to mention the names not in worries of missing anyone out but because there are so many I need to! But I know pretty well they will know who I'm talking about... thank you very much.